Please review the following documents prior to registering and attending class:

2015 School Catalog PDF

2015 Student School Handbook PDF

Please read the catalog or website and view class descriptions that include information for all class materials and facts concerning the school and its programs which may be likely to affect your decision to enroll.

*BPPE Regulations Institutions maintaining a website are required to post on their website the most recent Annual Report submitted to the Bureau, Catalog, and School Performance Fact Sheet (CEC ยง94913). These BPPE Reports are for the year 2013 when the School was operated and owned by the Bodywork Career Institute, LLC and the name was the School of Shiatsu and Massage, school code 1700041.

2013 Annual Report
2013 School Performance Fact Sheet

 As of June 2014, we are operating as the Harbin School of Healing Arts, having received the change of ownership and change of name approfals from the BPPE Our school code remains 1700041. Updated reports will be provided at the end of 2015.